Healing Soft Tissue

We know that the majority of lameness issues originate within the hoof. There are a myriad of distortions and pathologies in the capsule itself that can cause pain, not to mention issues with the bones and soft tissue within the distal limb that can lead to unsoundness.

My own gelding tore his deep digital flexor tendon in both front feet, and at the time, the rehab felt daunting. How did this happen, how could it have been prevented, and what was the best way to rehabilitate him? Although he is now comfortable, watching some webinars this year about soft tissue injuries and rehab pushed me to want to do a podcast episode about soft tissue in the hoof capsule.

In this week’s podcast episode, Dr. Lauren Schnabel, veterinarian and professor of equine orthopedic surgery at NC State College of Veterinary Medicine, discusses the various soft tissue injuries we can find in the hoof capsule and how to address them. She also gives us practical tips for what owners can do to help the rehab process, and ways to prevent injury and reinjury.

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