Understanding the Horse’s Hoof

I know I’m not the only horse podcast around (many of you even found me on Horse Radio Network!). In fact, I’m not even the only hoof related podcast!

For this week’s episode, I collaborated with Dr. Simon Curtis, farrier, speaker, author, and creator of “The Hoof of the Horse” podcast. We talk about topics he has touched upon in his recent webinars – everything from foal hoofcare, the effect we have on conformation and hoof health, dynamic and static balance, to hoof growth. His next webinar will happen on May 20th, and he has offered 25% off to podcast listeners who use the code HUMBLEHOOF when registering!

You can register for the latest webinar with Dr. Curtis here!

You can also find Dr. Curtis’ books at this link, or on many online book shops.

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