Hoofcare for Rescue Cases

Dealing with horse rescue can be emotionally and physically draining. Sometimes, horses are surrendered in good condition, ready to go to a new home, but more often than not, the horses have less than ideal soundness and/or health issues that require rehabilitation. If you want a crash course in every hoof issue that you could encounter, spend some time at a local rescue that sees a lot of cases come in – you will be sure to see a lot of various hoof problems!

Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue is a rescue based out of West Virginia that works with all kinds of cases. I started following them a while ago and noticed they have a passion for educating about proper nutrition, proper hoofcare, and other aspects of horsekeeping. I was really impressed with the information they shared, so I reached out to see if they would be interested in a podcast interview, talking about hoofcare for rescue horses.

In this episode, HoP founder Tinia Creamer and social media coordinator Suzanna Johnson discuss everything from neglect/”Lack of Farrier” disease, to laminitis, nutrition, grazing safety, and more. You can hear at the conversation on any podcast app under “The Humble Hoof,” or directly at this link.

For more information about Heart Of Phoenix, visit wvhorserescue.org .

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