Gaited Horse Feet

I work on a wide variety of horse breeds in my business, including various gaited horses. I have seen comments in different groups about how these horses need to have different biomechanics, a different trim, different angles, etc. To be 100% honest – I have not approached them differently than my other clients, and have heard feedback that they have been gaiting well!

I did a podcast episode a while back with Deb Davies about how imbalanced riding can affect a horse’s hoof balance and soundness, and for that episode I also spoke with Diane Sept, who had worked with Deb in the past. Through this connection, I learned that Diane was a gaited horse show judge, so I reached back out to her and asked if she would speak with me about gaited horse feet for the podcast. Luckily, she agreed!

In this episode, Diane and I discuss everything from shoe packages to hoof landings to common hoof issues seen in gaited horse breeds.

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