Navigating Lameness Cases

Two podcast episodes in one week!

As hoofcare providers, we often work with lameness cases. For many of us, a lame horse is what got us into hoofcare! Navigating diagnostics, vet appointments, and vet and farrier collaboration can be tricky to say the least. In this episode, Dr. Sasha Hill and Stuart Muir cover all these topics and more!

There were a lot of great little tidbits in this conversation, but some of my favorite quotes from this episode include:

“Hoofcare isn’t carpentry.” – Stuart Muir

Radiographs take time to catch up to pathology (paraphrase) – Dr. Sasha Hill, regarding laminitis

You can hear the full conversation on your favorite podcast app under “The Humble Hoof,” or directly at this link.

I decided to upload this episode a bit earlier than originally scheduled since both of the guests are involved with the Saratoga Vet and Farrier Conference happening on September 21-24-,2022 in Saratoga Springs, NY. If you would like to deep dive into sessions on podiatry, lameness, and internal medicine, and have a chance to meet the podcast guests in person, visit for more information!

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