A Farm Dream Come True

Since 2014 when my gelding was diagnosed with navicular disease, I have dreamed of opening a facility similar to Rockley Farm in the UK where I could rehabilitate horses with hoof-based lameness.

In fact, it’s why I left my teaching job, and why I pursued certification in hoofcare. It’s been the focus of my career goals for nearly a decade, and last week, it’s started to come to fruition.

My husband and I closed on a 20 acre horse property in Amesbury, MA, and are excited to offer hoof rehabilitation boarding, as well as metabolic-friendly retirement boarding. I want to make this a place I only wished I had access to in 2014 when Vinnie was diagnosed.

Wish us luck!

1 thought on “A Farm Dream Come True

  1. Good on you! Wish you the very best

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