The Beginnings of a Lameness Rehab Facility

We all know that every little girl’s dream is to have a hoof rehab facility.

Wait….. it isn’t???

…Well, for the last 10 years, it was certainly mine!

I have had a lot of questions about the recent lameness rehab facility I opened here in Massachusetts, and a friend of mine asked if SHE could interview ME for the podcast to answer all the questions she thought people might want to know!

In this week’s less-conventional podcast episode, you’ll hear the ins and outs of how we found this property, what it took to get us here, the hardest parts of the journey, and what kind of cases are ideal candidates for this kind of rehab.

If you, like me, are a huge hoof geek and dream of rehabbing lame horses from the comfort of your own home, or maybe you have a lame horse yourself and want to learn more about this approach to rehab, listen in to this conversation 😉

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