The Humble Hoof – Covid Relief

Please Donate to The Humble Hoof

As many of you know, Alicia Harlov of The Humble Hoof was hospitalized in March 2021 with COVID pneumonia. Her friends have started a fundraiser to help cover her lost wages and medical expenses while she heals & recovers, unable to work.

Because funding websites take a large percentage, we decided to ask everyone to donate directly to Alicia’s payment sources, which you can find below.

Have you ever messaged Alicia or posted in a group and Alicia really helped you, without asking for anything in return? Have you learned from her podcast or social media platforms? Maybe you are one of her clients from her hoofcare practice in MA/NH?

Alicia has changed our and our horses’ lives and we know she has helped many of us selflessly.

She will have a long recovery. She won’t work on horses, her livelihood, for quite some time.

If Alicia has ever helped you, could you donate to help her now? Even $10 would be so appreciated. We are all so grateful for all she does. Thank you for helping her now!

  • Paypal:
  • Venmo: @thehumblehoof

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