Barefoot Showjumping

Hoofcare for competition horses is debated on every end of the spectrum. How do we get our horses to compete well, to move comfortably, to recover easily, and to stay sound for years to come? How do we push them to their full potential and ensure their feet are working with them and not against them?

Recently, a handful of high level showjumpers have caught my attention – not because that’s my discipline, but because they have horses that are winning at national and international levels barefoot. Riders and trainers like Julien Epaillard, Henrik Von Eckermann, Peder Fredricson, Julien Anquetin, Haras de la Roque, and others, have started competing (and winning) on barefoot horses. It peaked my interest in what prompted this change in hoof management, and how they’re doing it so well! I wanted to see if I could talk to someone in this field about considerations when competing barefoot.

My go to friend for barefoot jumping is Lacy Stormes, a professional showjumper out of California, who has been competing barefoot for years. I reached out to her to see if she would chat about showjumping without shoes, and how she competes and keeps her horses. We chat a bit about movement, diet, trimming considerations, and how she keeps her horses sound and comfortable for the long term.

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