The Humble Hoof offers:

  • Consultations: I am always more than happy to come out and meet with you and your horse to evaluate lower limb movement and biomechanics, hoof health, and nutrition advice in regards to the hoof.
    For online consultations, see here.


  • Barefoot trimmingI believe in approaching each hoof as an individual when it comes to hoofcare, and will trim based on the horse’s biomechanics, workload, environment, and any pathology considerations (radiographic findings, conversations with your veterinarian, etc). I am passionate about keeping your horse comfortable while working to help them grow the healthiest feet possible. I am happy to take the time to build a relationship with your horse in order to make the trim as enjoyable as possible for them. The first trim will include a consultation (if not already done), and likely will be more conservative than following trims as we watch how each trim adjusts your horse’s movement and the biomechanics of the hoof. I like to keep a 4-6 week trim schedule to see progress, and may even suggest a shorter schedule for some rehabilitation cases.
    Pricing: Starts at $65/trim within the North Shore and Southern NH, and $75/trim on one of my established routes over a 1 hour distance. Prices are subject to change depending on horse behavior, etc. 

Barefoot horse hoof

  • Lameness Rehabilitation Boarding: We offer track system rehab boarding for hoof-based lamenesses, for situations where horses may need more intensive rehab plans. For rehabilitation boarding, see here.


  • Measuring and Ordering Boots: I have experience fitting Scoot Boots and various EasyCare boot options, and would be happy to use my Fit Kit to size your horse and order a pair of boots for you. If we discover that Scoot Boots or Easyboots may not fit your horse’s needs, I am happy to recommend options and help you to get a pair of boots that will work for your horse.Measuring a horse for Scoot Boots

  • Hoof Armor, Casting, Glue On Boot Shells and Direct Glue Composite Shoes: In some cases, the horse may need 24/7 protection. Casting and various glue on options might be helpful, and we can discuss the various options for your horse. I currently utilize a variety of therapeutic casting options, Easycare Love Childs or Glove Shells, EponaShoes, and other EasyCare direct glue options.
    Pricing: Glue on packages start at $275/pair and depend on materials used. 

    I am also able to apply Hoof Armor, which is a Kevlar-based epoxy used to prevent wear while building sole thickness. It does help with sole sensitivity in some horses. 
    Pricing: Hoof Armor – $10/foot


    Screenshot 2020-08-26 at 11.28.02 AM
    Easycare LoveChilds glue on shells

    Easycare Flex Lights with 11 finger tabs

    EponaShoes with casting

  • Red Horse Products: I am a dealer for Red Horse products, and will usually have inventory on me of various thrush products for sale, including Field Paste, Artimud, and Hoof Stuff (three of my favorites!). Ask me which I might recommend for your horse.


The Humble Hoof – Alicia Harlov is a barefoot trimmer and hoofcare provider currently taking new clients on the North Shore of Massachusetts and in surrounding areas.

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