About Me


My name is Alicia Harlov, and I am a hoofcare provider on the North Shore of Massachusetts. My passion for hoofcare all started with my BLM mustang, Vinnie. Shortly after adopting him, he was diagnosed with navicular disease (bone changes, spurs, and suspected soft tissue damage). Determined to not let my hopes and dreams for him fall apart, I began researching what I could do to help him. This led me to Rockley Farm, in Exmoor, England, where I learned about barefoot hoof rehabilitation. I flew there to see the rehab facility for myself, and fell in love with hoofcare.

From there, I began trimming Vinnie with the help of my professional trimmer. I began reading and watching everything I could from Pete Ramey, as well as studying resources from various schools and methodologies, such as KC Lapierre, ELPO, Jaime Jackson, Maureen Tierney, among others. After three years of trimming Vinnie and a few friends’ horses, I enrolled in hoofcare school with Progressive Hoofcare Practitioners, where I am currently an Advanced Student Practitioner, and still mentor with other hoofcare professionals. My time at Rockley Farm, and subsequent webinars and clinics with Nic Barker, taught me about correct hoof biomechanics and how to keep performance horses sound and in work.

In my studies, I have focused a lot on nutrition and the hoof, and follow Dr. Kellon and ECIR recommendations, and have completed Dr. Kellon’s NRC Plus course.



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