In-depth consideration into what owners or hoofcare providers can do to help horses in their care grow the best hoof possible for their individual situation.

Hoof Consultations

Full Consultation

Hoof consultation for one horse, including:

-Analysis of the horse’s lifestyle and diet to pinpoint any triggers for hoof issues

-Looking over diagnostics such as radiographs and bloodwork to discuss issues that might be playing a role in current symptoms

-Examination of biomechanics and hoof pictures to identify external indicators of hoof health issues

-MetronHoof radiograph mark-ups and hoof photo mark-ups where applicable

*Please note: I do not like to give trim advice without seeing the horse in person, and prefer to focus on other factors leading to hoof health.

$100 for initial analysis, mark-ups, and post-analysis discussion (consult via email)

Full Consultation


Follow-up Consultation

Consultation for one horse previously discussed, working through:

-New hay testing or diet changes

-Updated diagnostics or bloodwork

-Newly presented issues or symptoms

$75 for follow-up analysis and 30min discussion

MetronHoof Radiograph Mark-Ups

Example of a mark-up, no marker present

*Please note: These are not for diagnosis; I am not a veterinarian or a radiologist.

Radiograph mark-ups to include:

-Palmar or plantar angles

-Phalangeal alignment

-Dorsopalmar balance around Center of Rotation

-Measurable factors if a marker is present in the plane of interest: Sole depth, HL zone, CE measurement, etc.

Quality of rads will affect the quality of the mark ups.

$30/radiograph pair, ($30 minimum if there is only one radiograph).

MetronHoof Mark Ups


Custom Consultation Options available upon request

Sometimes finding the missing puzzle piece to your horse’s soundness just requires an outside set of eyes.

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