BONUS podcast episode!

Most of us in the hoofcare industry know that this career can be dangerous. I hear stories of hoofcare providers seriously injured or ones who have even died on the job, because of an unfortunate circumstance or an untrained or reactive horse. It is sobering to hear these stories, and also reminds us that we need to be more intentional about letting owners know what we need for our safety and the safety of the horse and the handler.

A few weeks ago, Brian Mullins of Mullins Farrier Podcast had the idea of collaborating on a joint podcast episode on farrier safety with The Hoof of the Horse podcast (Dr. Simon Curtis), Lockdown Farriery Podcast (Daniel Bennett), and The Humble Hoof podcast (me!). We coordinated a time based on our various spots around the world, and had a great conversation one Saturday morning. This special release episode is the result!

A special thanks to Brian Mullins and Heather at Twisted Spur Media for editing this episode. Hope you all enjoy it, and it gives you some tips of what to do to ensure a safe environment for hoofcare.

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