Support for Owners and Professionals

As we learn more and more about hoof health and soundness, many (both owners and professionals) because almost addicted to more education and knowledge. If you are like me as a horse owner, I incessantly asked my farriers tons of questions about what they were doing to my horse’s feet. I think sometimes that was considered a challenge or criticism, but often many were more than happy to educate and tell me why they were making the choices they did!

In this podcast episode, PHCP mentors and board members Leslie Carrig, Jeannean Mercuri, Maia Chaput, and Christina Krueger all discuss ways owners can feel comfortable not only choosing a hoofcare provider to work on their horse, but also how to discuss concerns they have and keep an open line of communication with their hoofcare pro.

This podcast episode isn’t just for owners, however – we also dive into the importance of continuing education, opportunities available, and why farriers and trimmers might seek to join a hoofcare organization.

For more information on joining PHCP as an owner or professional, and what continuing education opportunities they offer, visit .

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