Recognizing Hoof Soreness in Training

I think many of us have dealt with horses that have struggled with either behavioral issues, or just not making the gains we want during training, and wondered if there was some underlying pain or lameness issue was causing a problem. I know I have! But how do we know for sure if the issue is coming from pain, and if it is, how do we work to correct all the compensations they developed when we just thought it was “behavioral”?

A friend told me about Jec Ballou’s book, 55 Corrective Exercises for Horses, and I instantly knew I wanted to chat with her about working with horses in hoof rehab. In this week’s podcast episode, Jec talks about sore feet in horses and the training issues that arise, as well as the body compensations we see from it.

For more information about Jec, you can check out her podcast “Best Horse Practices,” or her website for her training and clinic schedule.

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