Corrective Shoeing on Dwarf Feet

I first learned about dwarf miniature horses in 2019, when I heard Curtis Burns speak at the 2019 NAEP Symposium. I was amazed at all the incredible ways that Curtis and The Peeps Foundation were working to get these little minis more comfortable, despite crooked legs, angular limb deformities, and other issues.

Shortly after the NAEP Symposium that year, I started trimming some dwarf minis myself, and since then have wanted to connect with The Peeps Foundation to learn more about how to approach these cases. I reached out to Josh Dolan, founder of the foundation, to see if he would chat with me on this topic. Josh had a lot of great experiences to share and offers ways to connect to learn more.

You can hear the entire conversation on any podcast app under “The Humble Hoof,” or at this link. Be sure to subscribe to not miss future episodes!

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