White Line Disease

Living in wet New England, especially this year where we have had almost 3 months of on/off torrential downpours and thunderstorms, I see a lot of wall quality issues on horses with weak feet. It might start as a little line – or tiny little split – between the inner and outer hoof wall, or a tiny toe crack where a crena is present. If something doesn’t change, though, this can get ugly and lead to the entire wall being compromised.

In 2019 I was able to sit in on a seminar on White Line Disease with Travis Burns, and reached out to him to see if he would chat with me about some of the things he sees when it comes to this issue, and how we as hoofcare providers, as well as horse owners, can address it.

You can hear the entire conversation on any podcast app under “The Humble Hoof,” or directly at this link.

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