Laminitis: Myth-Busting and Fact-Checking

Those of us who are interested in hooves often pay quite a bit of attention to the information that is shared about hoof pathologies.. sometimes to our dismay. When it comes to laminitis, I often see quite a bit of MISinformation swirling around – especially on social media. Comments on everything from diagnosis, to treatments, to future prevention or even prognosis can end up twisting the facts or even perpetuating outright incorrect information.

This past September, the National Alliance of Equine Practitioners held their Saratoga Vet & Farrier Conference, and much of it was focused on laminitis. Dr. Andrew Van Eps spent quite a bit of time presenting on updated research and things we have learned in the world of equine laminae within the last few years.

If you haven’t heard Dr. Van Eps’ previous episode discussing laminitis basics – definitely stop and review that (the last episode from two weeks ago). Then come back here and dive in to some myth-busting and fact-checking on laminitis!

The entire conversation can be heard on any podcast app under “The Humble Hoof,” or directly at this link.

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