The Humble Hoof Rehab Guide: A Progress Journal

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Hoof-related lameness issues can be hard to figure out. Determining what improved your horse’s comfort or pinpointing what was a trigger for a setback can be especially difficult. It can even be tough to know how to start on the hoof rehab journey. This guide leads horse owners through bite-sized bits of rehab information to make the journey easier to navigate. Included are pages to help you through hoof rehab and troubleshoot what works for your horse:

  • Track your horse’s vet and farrier appointments
  • Define diet and environmental triggers for lameness setbacks
  • Decode your hay test
  • Learn how to watch for comfortable movement
  • Progress through a careful “back to work” plan to get back in the saddle
  • And more!

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13 reviews for The Humble Hoof Rehab Guide: A Progress Journal

  1. Dawn Hernandez (verified owner)

    This book/journal is amazing!
    As an owner of a pony that was recently diagnosed with PPID, his hoof care is top priority along with diet and exercise. The information provided along with the record keeping sections are very well organized that will make tracking our progress easy and convenient.
    I highly recommend “The Humble Hoof Rehab Guide: A progress Journal”!


  2. Denise Mootafian

    This journal has been an amazing, easy to understand tool in helping me to rehab my Navicular gelding! Going barefoot is an integral part of healing yet can be an intimidating process. This book helps clarify the many facets of recovery like proper biomechanics, the role diet plays and an easy to understand, step by step road to recovery! Thank you Humble Hoof!!

  3. Claire Chipman (verified owner)

    Great, easy to read book. Very informational. Great for farriers and horse owners! Keeping it in the car everywhere I go!

  4. Denys Antonenko (verified owner)

    Amazing guide! As a farrier, I’ll definitely be recommending it to my clients! Lots of useful information, step by step guides to soundness of the horse and healthy hooves. Fantastic design and illustrations! Highly recommend this!

  5. Casey Sexton

    This guide offers an objective method for tracking your horse’s rehab progress. It takes into account the plethora of things to consider when attempting to regain soundness, and lays them out in an easily digestible format. Tracking your horses road to recovery has never been easier thanks to this comprehensive guide!!

  6. Tracey Mini

    Not just a working journal, but a great easy to use reference! All the important info broken down into easy to reference chunks – mineral ratios, normal vitals, AAEP lameness scale and more. A true gift for those of us suffering from information overload at times.

  7. Kirrily Niswander

    Fabulous thorough resource to help guide owners through the sometimes overwhelming process of hoof rehab!

  8. Holly Heidemann (verified owner)

    This handbook is incredible! It walks owners and hoof care providers through the rehab process, while carefully explaining how to track meaningful progress. This will be such an asset to owners, HCPs, and vets!

  9. Nicole Sicely

    This handbook is amazing! I own an equine supplement company and from a nutrition standpoint I’m so impressed with the diet information covered in this book. Diet plays a large role in hoof rehabilitation and this guide does a fantastic job covering nutrition for all types of horses who are traveling down this rehab road.

  10. Philip Himanka (verified owner)

    It is fantastic. Nicely thought regarding the quality of the material to be used on the trenches. Super happy about this. I’ll be recommending it definitely.

  11. Molly Lovell-Harris (verified owner)

    This thoughtfully created journal will help get the rehab horse owner squarely on the road to increased hoof health. Not a detail or important aspect of the process and journey has been overlooked–much concise information and guidance to be found here. Many of us will wish we had this resource years ago when we started, and many horses will be spared wrong turns and regression, and have faster recoveries and brighter futures, as a result of this labor of love.

  12. Shawn McMahan – McMahan’s Hoofcare (verified owner)

    This is an extremely well organized and thought out rehab journal. Alicia not only explains the importance of diet for rehab, but also demystifies feed testing and makes it easy to understand. The journal has plenty of space for recording vet and farrier visits, exercise, feed changes, and much more; in a way that’s very easy to understand and follow along. You can tell she was a skilled teacher in addition to an excellent and highly intelligent hoof care professional. Anyone, owners, vets, farriers, barn managers, anyone involved with horses will benefit greatly from this book.

  13. Stacia Langille – Farrier (verified owner)

    Excellent resource, I routinely refer my clients to it and recommend that every horse owner have a copy.

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