The Humble Hoof Rehab Guide: eBook



Hoof-related lameness issues can be hard to figure out. Determining what improved your horse’s comfort or pinpointing what was a trigger for a setback can be especially difficult. It can even be tough to know how to start on the hoof rehab journey. This guide leads horse owners through bite-sized bits of rehab information to make the journey easier to navigate. Included are pages to help you through hoof rehab and troubleshoot what works for your horse:

  • Track your horse’s vet and farrier appointments
  • Define diet and environmental triggers for lameness setbacks
  • Decode your hay test
  • Learn how to watch for comfortable movement
  • Progress through a careful “back to work” plan to get back in the saddle
  • And more!

Note that this version is a downloadable eBook. It will download as a PDF.


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