Navicular Isn’t The End

My hoofcare journey started with a lame horse, a navicular diagnosis, and what felt like my world crashing down around me. My plans for our riding future together seemed dashed. Ever since then, navicular has become a passion of mine, and I have spent almost a decade flying all over the world to try to learn from those who have successfully, consistently been able to get navicular horses sound and comfortable. You can say it has become a bit of an obsession, to say the least!

Because of my gelding’s journey, I’ve been able to connect with horse owners and professionals around the world with navicular cases. This week’s podcast episode brings together four owners who have horses that received navicular diagnoses of varying severity, including bone damage, soft tissue damage, and one with a recommendation for euthanasia, to discuss their horses’ diagnoses and rehab stories. All of these horses are now back in work and some back to competition at a higher level than before they went lame!

Carey Russ, Hannah Darpoe, Tayla Pierce-Hart, and Laura Koskenmaki talk about the key factors in their horse’s rehabilitation to soundness, what they are doing with their horses now, and how their views of a navicular diagnosis have changed throughout their horse’s journey to soundness.

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