Hoof Boots for the “Difficult-to-Fit” Feet

One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard about hoof boots in the past is “they don’t stay on.” Unless your horse has the most perfect shaped hooves, how do you prevent the boots from shifting, twisting, breaking, or worse – causing rubs and sores? It’s true, for horses with the oddly-shaped-hoof, boots can be difficult to manage. But there ARE tricks to find the right fit, and get them to stay on without issue!

Sara Hunt, a PHCP member and full-time hoofcare provider and hoof boot specialist, talks with me about tips and tricks for getting the best boot fit and retention on those “wonky” hooves. We discuss how to adjust a variety of boots for better retention, how to know your hoof boots fit well, how to prevent rubs, and more!

You can hear the conversation on your favorite podcast app under “The Humble Hoof,” or directly above.

What boots do you use for your “hard to fit” horses?

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