Going Pro in Hoofcare

In my previous career, I was a public school teacher with no knowledge of the equine foot whatsoever. When my horse developed lameness issues, I was willing to do anything to get him sound. That ultimately ended up meaning I went through schooling, took clinics around the world, became certified with PHCP, and took over his hoofcare myself – and decided I loved it!

When I left my teaching career, I thought that working with horses was going to be all sunshine and rainbows every day. I mean, how could it NOT be? I would get to spend all my time outside and do what I loved – helping horses and their owners.

While I adore my job and wouldn’t trade it for anything, it certainly isn’t always easy! I spoke with three other hoofcare providers – Lisa Mittler, Nicole Jory, and Denys Antonenko – about things we all wish we knew before we got into hoofcare. Not that we would have chosen anything different, but maybe to have been better prepared for the challenges that come along with all the good aspects of the job.

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