Case Study: Navicular with Collateral Ligament Damage

A diagnosis of navicular disease can seem scary to many, but armed with more updated knowledge and approaches, it doesn’t have to be. We now know that nearly all horses with any evidence of navicular bone remodeling on radiographs likely have surrounding soft tissue damage, and when we take the approach to rehab the soft tissue, many of us have found with our cases that the majority of these horses, even with awful bone damage, can become sound and stay sound for the long term.

I know I’m “preaching to the choir” for a lot of you – those of you who have followed my journey into hoofcare know of my obsession with navicular rehab. I “met” this week’s podcast guest, Tayla Pierce-Hart, through my navicular rehab Facebook group I started in 2015. Tayla had an up-and-down journey with her gelding, Frankie, who was diagnosed with navicular with corresponding collateral ligament damage. He struggled to become sound even with a variety of shoeing approaches, injections, and medications, even to the point where his vets were suggesting euthanasia…. but now he is back in full work and sound without any maintenance. So you may be wondering – how did they do it?

Tayla and I chatted about her journey with Frankie, what worked and what didn’t for his case, and finding the missing pieces to the “Frankie puzzle.” Tune into this episode to hear all the details!

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