Finding Unity in The Horse

Working as a hoofcare provider full time, we often see a lot of lame horses – and are expected to simply address the feet to fix it. The more time I’ve spent in the field, the more I realize this is a bit of a fallacy to think that we can do everything just by looking at the hooves!

If you’ve followed this page for any amount of time, you know that I am constantly shouting about all the different factors that affect hoof health and soundness. One avenue I’ve become more interested in lately is how the fascia plays a role in movement and lameness issues. A horse’s legs don’t work in isolation – there’s an entire body attached to them, with an entire system of fascial connections that work together (or in cases of lameness, don’t work together!).

A farrier friend in VT reached out to me and said I absolutely had to reach out to Saxon Alexandra, a Structural Integration therapist based out of New England, to chat about these fascial connections, and I am so glad I did. We talk about and how fascia can affect everything from hoof wear and flaring to soundness and ability for horses to perform in their jobs. The conversation was awesome and I learned so much!!

You can see a bit more about the fascial connections here:

and here:

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